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sinus trouble ebook

Sinus trouble such as nasal congestion and discharge, sinus pain and infection affects millions of people each year. Sometimes these symptoms are caused by allergies, sometimes not, oftentimes allergies contribute to greater sinus problems. This ebook explains what can affect the nose and sinus, and how to determine and treat sinus trouble.  

You will learn about:

  •  Sinus and the Nose 
  •  Nasal/Sinus Problems
  • Diagnosis
  • Treatments

About Advanced Specialty Care

Advanced Specialty Care is a multi-specialty private practice caring for patients in Fairfield County, CT for over 30 years. What began as an Ear, Nose & Throat (ENT)/Head & Neck Surgery practice in Danbury has evolved, thanks to important synergies with other specialties – from upper and lower respiratory treatments via Allergy Care and ENT to aesthetic services via Cosmetic Surgery and Dermatology. Our medical offices are conveniently located throughout Fairfield County in the towns of Danbury, New Milford, Norwalk, Ridgefield and Southbury.  

ENT/Head & Neck Physicians
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Dr. Jay Klarsfeld Dr. Jeffrey Monroe Dr. Dov Bloch


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Dr. Michael Drobbin Dr. James S. Batti Dr. Michael Bardwell 


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