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What is Tongue Tie or Ankyloglossia?

Posted by Advanced Specialty Care on Mar 8, 2019 4:51:56 PM

Tongue-tie in medical terminology is called Ankyloglossia and it’s a condition that some babies are born with. In tongue tie there’s a band of tissue called the frenulum that extends from the floor of the mouth to the under surface of the tongue. This band may restrict the normal movement of the tongue. The degree of interference it causes determines the need to treat it.

The most common indication for treating a releasing tongue tie is difficulty breast feeding. In an older child, symptoms of difficulty eating or with speech may occur although this is relatively unusual.

With breast feeding problems the infant may chew painfully on the breast nipple because he or she is unable to latch onto the nipple. This happens because he or she cannot extend the tongue over the lower gum to allow sucking. Lactation specialists are able to diagnose this shortly after birth while still in the hospital.

In older children certain speech sounds may be restricted by tongue tie. This would be diagnosed by a speech therapist. Another possible symptom is the band becoming stuck between the front 2 lower teeth when it’s extended.

Releasing a tongue tie in a newborn is a quick office procedure that involves cutting the band at its attachment to the tongue. No local anesthesia or an anesthetic spray to the area may be employed. An infant may resume normal breast feeding immediately after the procedure. In an older child it may be necessary to use a general anesthetic.

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