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Breast Cancer at a Glance

Posted by Advanced Specialty Care on Jul 30, 2014 7:53:00 AM

The lifetime risk of a woman getting breast cancer is one out of eight and millions of women are diagnosed every year, changing their lives forever. Every woman has a unique experience after being diagnosed, but each year more light is shed on not just cancer in general, but breast cancer specifically. Due to research conducted by The American Cancer Society and others, we are learning more about the disease everyday. Below are a few basic but important facts about breast cancer.

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Will I Be Happy If I Get A Breast Reduction?

Posted by Advanced Specialty Care on Jul 25, 2014 10:14:00 AM

Many women with large breasts consider undergoing breast reduction surgery. But many of these same women do not seek consultation because they are unsure if it will help them and if they will be happy with the results. Others worry whether health insurance will cover the surgery costs.

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