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Meet the Provider: Eileen Heske, Skincare Specialist

Posted by Advanced Specialty Care on Nov 1, 2018 4:02:46 PM

Get to know Eileen Heske, LPN! Eileen, Skincare Specialist at Advanced Specialty Care, opens up about her passion for helping and educating skincare patients and shares the most rewarding and sometimes challenging aspects of her job.

Skincare Specialist, Eileen Heske, LPN setting up for a HydraFacial

1. What's your favorite part about working at Advanced Specialty Care?
The patients! I love assisting them in their healthcare journey and making a sometimes scary situation more manageable with education and support.

2. What is it like working in different office locations?
The variety of Advanced Specialty Care office locations in Connecticut, not only brings convenience to patients but to a variety of practitioners as well. Each office has its own unique atmosphere to meet the needs of our patients and the staff is reflected in that as well.

3. What are your favorite parts about being a Skincare Specialist?
In skincare, I love teaching patients how to take the best care of their skin. Helping people to put their best face forward is one of the things I am most passionate about.

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4. What are the most challenging aspects of your job?
The most challenging part of my job is staying on top of the latest in skincare trends and offerings. As you know, skincare is an ever evolving field and it shows no signs of slowing. My Supervisor, and fellow Skincare Specialist, Heather Colon, LPN, is wonderful at vetting and researching the latest and greatest and making sure that her team is educated and always up-to-date with training. 

5. How did you get into the field?  What lead you to skincare?
I have been an LPN for 10 years and have always worked in the cosmetics and plastic surgery field. Combining my clinical and medical experience with my passion for skincare was a natural fit for me. As a Skincare Specialist, I love to see the confidence boost in patients after they receive a treatment or begin with a skincare regime. They're taking care of their skin so they look good and feel good!

6. What do you like to do outside of work?
I have many passions aside from skincare. I love to stay active through cycling, hiking, yoga and my husband and I share a passion for the outdoors and live music. I'm a devoted mother of two young men and I'm also currently pursuing additional degrees in healthcare to broaden my horizons and expand my knowledge.

7.  What's on your bucket list?
Ireland! I have been dreaming of the Emerald Isle for many years now. All that beautiful green, and--I can't wait to see how my skin glows in that dewy climate!

8. What do you most want patients to know about you?
I want my patients to know that I am dedicated to helping them find the best combination of treatments, services and products to meet their skincare needs. I want everyone to "put their best face forward" and understand the importance of skin health.

Eileen Heske, LPN is a Skincare Specialist at Advanced Specialty Care and currently sees patients in our Danbury office. Her services include HydraFacials, MicroNeedling, PRP and Chemical Peels. She is passionate about helping people achieve healthy skin and educating them to find a regimen that works best for their lifestyle and needs. If you'd like to schedule an appointment with Eileen Heske, LPN, please call (203) 830-4700 or click here to fill out an appointment request form.

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